1. Big Tujunga

    I took a drive up Big Tujunga Road through the western side of the Angeles National Forest recently. A rare summer storm was brewing. The wind was gusting, thunder grumbled on the horizon. The scent of yerba santa and wild rosemary hung heavily in the air. 

  2. Shutterbug

    Really excited to have been interviewed in the July issue of Shutterbug. You can read it here:

  3. 2017 Valencia Trail Run

    I had the awesome experience of photographing this years Valencia Trail Run hosted by the great people at New Global Adventures ( I was struck by the diversity of the runners, their drive and determination to prove to themselves they could do it, and their kindness to their fellow runners…

  4. Malibu Workshop!

    We met in the afternoon and descended into the tall grass meadow, the few, the proud. We met a lady on a horse on a narrow green trail and meandered through wild cucumber. We looked out over a broad green valley festooned with rugged rock formations, spoke of composition, geography…

  5. How I Got Here

    I grew up in Pennsylvania in a log cabin built by my parents. It had a great stone fireplace, a cast iron wood stove for heat and a Clivus Multrum composting toilet. TV for me was books, radio and the woods around the cabin. Dad had decried cutting down any…

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