SpaceRock Trail Run 2017

I’ve been shooting for New Global Adventures a little while now. It’s so much fun to combine my love of the outdoors, landscape photography with dynamic race shots. SpaceRock takes place at the famous Vasquez Rocks - an iconic film location just north of the Angeles National Forest. If you notice a few Star Fleet uniforms in the race, I can assure you they were well protected from Gorns - even the red shirts!

 What has most impressed me - I’ve said this before - is the community of runners and their generous spirits and just overall good vibes. Neat group of people - so glad I get to experience it. Here are some highlights from this year’s race. 

Oh, and if you are in SoCal and are a runner, please stop by their website at and sign up for a race. I’ll see you there!

It was a particularly rocky section of the course. I didn’t even realize this runner knew I was there when - in the flash of a phaser - he went on alert. No doubt hearing a hostile alien in the nearby chaparral. Thanks for protecting this photographer, captain. Your next Aldebaran whiskey is on me. 

Below, other awesome people. 

Runners focused on the race! Well, most them anyway. ;)

Doing this set as a slideshow so this post doesn’t stretch for a mile and a half but totally worth going through the shots!

And again, the spirit of friendship and camaraderie shared between this community makes my millennium. Until next time, spacefarers!

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