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  1. Conglomerate Mesa

    Spent a couple days on Conglomerate Mesa, one of my favorite places. The wilderness area threatened by mining interests with an eye on destroying the place with an open pit cyanide heap leech mine. Please go to today and add your voice to oppose the mine. Here are photos…

  2. Old Sites, New Things - New Sites & Sleeping Rings

    Once again the Mojave has peeled back another layer and revealed hidden gems. It’s hard to understate how easy it is to miss petroglyphs and archaeological features in this vast and rugged wilderness. Every boulder is laced with cracks and lines. Patches of lichen further disrupt patterns. Heck, bird droppings…

  3. Mustangs

    I have been piecing together hints of a spring in a remote canyon on BLM land outside Death Valley. It fascinated me with mention of the ruins of a ranch, petroglyphs from at least 1000 years ago, mustangs who would water there and then retreat to the relative safety of…

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