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  1. Spacerock Trail Run | October 2023

    This run is one of my favorites to photograph. The setting is Vasquez Rocks in Agua Dulce. Seriously can’t take a bad picture here to begin with. Add some bad ass runners (and hams for the camera!) and you got yourself a match made in heaven. Doesn’t get much better…

  2. Griffith Park Trail Run | October 2023

    First time photographing the Griffith Park Trail Run. Beautiful course. A LOT of elevation gain, but great group of runners. Really enjoyed being back in Los Angeles for this. Click on the images for larger views!

  3. Sugar Daddy Race 2022 | Santa Clarita, CA

    Sugar Daddy is a 5k, 10k or half marathon road race in Santa Clarita. In the past I shot trail races pretty much exclusively but I’m digging the road races more and more. Head over to New Global Adventures if you’re interested in running it in 2023. Thanks for stopping…

  4. 2017 Valencia Trail Run

    I had the awesome experience of photographing this years Valencia Trail Run hosted by the great people at New Global Adventures ( I was struck by the diversity of the runners, their drive and determination to prove to themselves they could do it, and their kindness to their fellow runners…

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