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  1. Eureka Dreamscapes

  2. One Hell of a Weekend in the Desert

    How the hell did I get myself into this scrape? I wondered as I sat under the one Joshua Tree that provided some shade but did little to shield me from the gusts of wind whipping up from the flat below. My skin felt like fine-grit sandpaper, my lips were…

  3. Uppsala

    From an outing to the Angeles National Forest. This scene reminded me more of some distant Scandinavian vista than Southern California. Like something I’d seen in a dream. Uppsala - legendary home of the Norse gods.  These were taken looking northwest from CA-2 to Charlton Flats.  Prints available. Please contact…

  4. Malibu Workshop!

    We met in the afternoon and descended into the tall grass meadow, the few, the proud. We met a lady on a horse on a narrow green trail and meandered through wild cucumber. We looked out over a broad green valley festooned with rugged rock formations, spoke of composition, geography…

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