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  1. Conglomerate Mesa

    Spent a couple days on Conglomerate Mesa, one of my favorite places. The wilderness area threatened by mining interests with an eye on destroying the place with an open pit cyanide heap leech mine. Please go to today and add your voice to oppose the mine. Here are photos…

  2. Tehachapi Mountains & the Central Valley

    As winter storms blew through over the holidays, I was fortunate enough to have a pretty spectacular view out across the southern Tehachapi Mountains and California’s Central Valley. Dramatic skies and light are something I live for - definitely got both on this occasion!

  3. Eureka Dreamscapes

  4. March 24, 2018 - Gallery Show!

    I am excited to announce my first full gallery show. Featuring works from my wandering through the great state of California. You will have the opportunity to purchase signed, limited edition prints. Would love if you’d join me for opening night!

  5. Uppsala

    From an outing to the Angeles National Forest. This scene reminded me more of some distant Scandinavian vista than Southern California. Like something I’d seen in a dream. Uppsala - legendary home of the Norse gods.  These were taken looking northwest from CA-2 to Charlton Flats.  Prints available. Please contact…

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