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  1. Mount Baden Powell

    There is a moment on the trail when the wind becomes playful. Its skirls mingle with fine soil. Earth and air dance in the honeyed light of the evening sun. The wind soughs through the outstretched fingers of the conifers - a vast, lonely sound. An entire forest singing. A…

  2. Mine & New Friends

    My final morning in **** I decide to take a quick side journey up another road since I’d never been. It is close to where I’ve been camping and I can’t resist a road winding into unknown parts. Figured I’d drive until the road got too rough or my brain…

  3. A Brief Visit to Sequoia

    Recently I was engaged for a commercial shoot near Fresno. Up at 3am, we photographed runners swathed in pre-dawn mist. Old oaks lined one side of the path, ghostly vineyards the other. We shot through blue hour and until the sun slowly burned the fog away. Had breakfast at a…

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