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  1. Galen

     We found the car first, a black Volkswagen sedan covered in dusty handprints. It was as though some prehistoric tribe had taken their art out of the caves and blessed this strange thing, this massive darkling beetle, with their totemic symbols. A broken rake and beat up frying pan lay…

  2. Malpais Mesa Hike Video

    Malpais Mesa Wilderness is one of the most arid regions I’ve ventured into. There are no springs and receives an infinitesimal amount of precipitation annually, positioned as it is in the Sierra Range’s rain shadow. Despite this, creatures still thrive here though not as densely as in other areas with…

  3. Uppsala

    From an outing to the Angeles National Forest. This scene reminded me more of some distant Scandinavian vista than Southern California. Like something I’d seen in a dream. Uppsala - legendary home of the Norse gods.  These were taken looking northwest from CA-2 to Charlton Flats.  Prints available. Please contact…

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