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  1. Old Sites, New Things - New Sites & Sleeping Rings

    Once again the Mojave has peeled back another layer and revealed hidden gems. It’s hard to understate how easy it is to miss petroglyphs and archaeological features in this vast and rugged wilderness. Every boulder is laced with cracks and lines. Patches of lichen further disrupt patterns. Heck, bird droppings…

  2. Eureka Dreamscapes

  3. Cowhorn Valley

    Cowhorn Valley is a high desert valley at an elevation of around 6800 feet in the Inyo National Forest. Long vistas of sage, tawny in winter spread across the valley and up the mountain slopes. Scattered juniper and pinyon pines, dark against the sage, line the ridges. It is a…

  4. One Hell of a Weekend in the Desert

    How the hell did I get myself into this scrape? I wondered as I sat under the one Joshua Tree that provided some shade but did little to shield me from the gusts of wind whipping up from the flat below. My skin felt like fine-grit sandpaper, my lips were…

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