Spacerock Trail Race 2021

Was absolutely stoked to be photographing trail races after a long dry year of no events. Feels great to be back on the trails, capturing amazing humans pushing themselves to their limits. Spacerock is an annual race put on by New Global Adventures ( at the world famous Vasquez Rocks outside Santa Clarita, California. Participants can choose from a half marathon (it’s a tad bit longer though!), 10k and 5k distances, all in some of the most stunning scenery in the state and over some seriously rugged terrain.

Mixed it up this time and filmed myself shooting the race to give you an idea of the work. The fun comes in with being able to work within a relatively small section of trail but by varying the angles, getting a large variety of dynamic shots for the runners. Check out the video!

One of the things that inspires me about the people who do these races is their ability to dig deep despite pain and hardship and push through to the end. And always surprised at just how tough they are - particularly the guy (in the images below) who ran the entire course barefoot. Amazing.

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