Don’t Go…

This is one of my favorite experiences though it was mildly alarming when it happened. I have a ritual when leaving the desert. I stop at the petroglyphs I found, place my hand on the cool rock and thank them and this rugged country for tolerating my presence. 

The wind was howling and a winter storm was building over the Sierra, shrouding the mountains completely in cloud and swallowing Owens Valley. Before I hit pavement, I stopped the truck to get a few more photos.

As I was standing there enjoying the wild weather, the wind slammed the truck door shut behind me. When I went to climb back in, I found that the door had locked, which is basically impossible given that it takes someone pushing the lock button or toggling the keyfob (which was in the ignition at the time).

“Are you freaking kidding me?” I muttered, tugging futilely on the handle. I stood there for a second pondering my predicament if I couldn’t get back in. I’d left the truck running and the window was open about two inches. So there was at least one option.

But first I tried the rear door. It swung open as soon as I pulled on the handle. I climbed in and stretched to hit the unlock button, came back around and driver’s door was open again. Here’s the thing, when the button is pushed it toggles all the locks, not just the driver’s door. So how did the driver’s door lock itself?

I turned around, almost feeling mischief in the air. “Don’t DO that!” I cried into the wind. “Scared the crap out of me.”

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